WordPress Plugins

Standalone Plugin Development

WordPress Plugins grants effortless modification, customization and enrichment of it. As an alternative to revising the core programming of WordPress; you can attach functionality through WordPress Plugins.

Being extremely aware of the “Do and Don’ts” of the plugin development, we follow proper instructions which put together to a fully valid and standard plugin. Alongside this, we also design a plugin which can be put in a marketplace like CodeCanyon.

By apprehending your business demands, we won’t be missing any bit of attribute in the plugin.


Plugin expansion & customization

You cannot be sure that the plug-in, you are stalking at will do all of your work – you need to add some extra codes for the expansion.

We can assist you in doing so, we extend your plug-in such that the plug-in you purchase does all the workings you want.

The best part is, you can easily update the plug-in and the changes won’t get expunged up.

Addons development for WooCommerce

WooCommerce as the world’s favorite eCommerce solution today offers countless features for site development; at hand there are hundreds of add-ons available in the market which may help you to implement additional features, or any payment gateway, or some shipping mechanisms.

Well, everyday you might not be facilitated with this product; there may not be an add-on available in the market that helps adding elements you want.

Just put your call, and we will give you standard add-ons to implement in the site.


Quality Assurance

Depending on your requirements, we assure the quality of the task with various types of testing procedures. We try to minimize every bug that a user can come across while browsing the site. We carry out various cross browser compatibility tests to make sure the output is same throughout the switching. Not only that, we ensure that the project stuns you regardless of the devices you use.

Depending upon the size of the requirement, we carry out varied testing paths that suits best with your timeframe. Hence, making sure we perform customized testing too. For instance, to make sure the task meets the requirement, we do acceptance testing focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. We run security checks to ensure the lessened vulnerability. Similarly, to test the performance of the site under heavy bandwidth consumptions, we perform stress testing, load testing, and performance testing.

Here, you will be able see some work we've done.

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