WordPress Emergency

Hack Settlement & Immobilization

There may be some case in point when your site gets too captivating to people and hackers might want to target you. In case, your site gets HACKED, your site now is susceptible to some nasty stuff you don’t want.

Well, we have active Hack Squad which can anatomize your site and search for malicious code causing the problem. Our work doesn’t just stop here. We further adopt best measures to prevent likely hack attacks.

Basically, the type of server you choose plays a vital role for your site security, but we build on some security on whether your server implements some mechanisms or not.


Design and Script disorder

No system is 100% bug free. Thus, any activity in the site can break it down.

The activity can include server update, WordPress update, and plug-in update/installation or any other updates. These kinds of activities can result problems that very likely cause site to go down or work unexpectedly.

In order to resolve these kinds of disorders, we have a team of expertise who will mould the normal flow of your site.

Site Optimization

Optimizing your website properly is crucial to getting your site visited by users as well as google bot. Site should be obliged to user accessibility regardless of the type of internet speed. Since our “greatest blind user – Google” loves to surf fast and swift sites only, it will be an ideal decision to prioritize the optimization.

Site speed exclusively depends upon the configuration of the server, as well as the cost you want to sustain; like security. In order to deliver static files, it is chiefly necessary to use the server that supports data compression, Caching, and CDN. We, from our stance will ensure that the site is solely fully boosted in every aspect.


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