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CodeIgniter based Web Application

To change your life on a fundamental basis for the better, doing things on time is important. Likewise creating websites in less time is crucial today, which means developing from the scratch is wayward. For that matter, frameworks were created. Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture was initiated later to bring a qualitative organized process.

Code Igniter, a powerful PHP framework formed targeting the developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications; holds a small footprint. What’s make CodeIgniter different and yet so unique from any other frameworks? Mainly because it’s rooted to MVC, which means, with a more directed code. Similarly, the things roll in to its simplicity, light weight, little to no server requirements, no installation needed, database abstraction feature, built-in security, excellent documentation and large community. While it holds such a good prospect, we are always open to it, in an ever ready state to work on any CodeIgniter based Web App Development.


Django (Python) based Web Application

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that raises the morale of rapid development and clean, practical design. Built by competent developers, it exclusively focuses on the convenience of web development so that you can give your time to write your app, without the requirement of re-modelling the wheel.

The best part it holds is that, it is a free framework which can be intensively be used in creating a huge system in Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model without any hazards. In addition, it offers packaged contributed by lots of developer from the world, using which one can add/extend the features in the system.

We have proper understanding and experience in Django-based application development and we would love to create one for your business.

Core PHP based Web Application

PHP is a popular scripting language to spark off dynamic web pages. Since it can be rooted with HTML; it is used for creating customized web solutions. Since it is comparably simple to code on PHP It incorporates simple patterns, techniques and features. Despite the fact that a lot of frameworks and CMS(s) are available that could save your time, there ultimately comes a time when you desire a full control over your system and that’s when you settle on core PHP.

We normally do not operate in core PHP development but owing to the fact that PHP application development is one of the core expertise of Eagle Vision IT, we openly invite such sorts of projects.


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