Web Design in WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web application that assists you in creating website or blog in an easiest way. WordPress was launched in 2003, with the purpose of bringing a impact on today’s technologically advanced society. WordPress has become a phenomenon for the web developing set, and what makes that so amazing is that WordPress today weighs more than 70 million networks.

WordPress is more than just a blogging tool, it is so much more than that. It is an eminently flexible Content Management System that allows you to assemble and lead your own network, with ease of access, through browser.

It is more of an open project and also is an updated platform, 100s of volunteer from the world monitoring the codes for the software and with standard classification scheme for describing the changing attributes of the plug-ins and codes which in a nutshell enables you to build a completely custom website for just about anything you imagine.


Mockup (PSD) development with Photoshop

With the flow of innovations theory, today future web rests aside us. Perceiving the changes, bringing mockups to maximal use; has helped to adoption to different kind of designs. It provides the part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design. With a lot of creative mindsets, and demand of creative variable designs, we ensure that our design is always visible and stylish; automatically adapted for Smart phones, tablet devices, laptops and of course the usual screens.

Eagle Vision IT has made mockups for companies and organizations for a long time, discerning the queries to be solved for web initiative. Without mockup, your chances for obtaining any worthwhile web page are bound to be rather slim, even with a degree. Therefore, we elect mockups through which we analyze, continuously design and implement it into a dynamic website, entitling us as a brand with effective analysis, continuous designs, and latest trends.

Responsive template development

Template is a baseline for an effective technology development (site in this scenario). We get the template designed with the implementation of the latest designs.

We operate various technologies including HTML5 and CSS3, making sure we drag out “WOW” of our visitors.

We aspire to make the site accessible to all the devices and the browsers, smashing the minor disorders.


Dynamic Website in WordPress

We are distinctly aware about the conditions for creating a good website. Depending on the priorities you have for your website, you should choose technologies that stay effective throughout. It brings a lot of confusion to you on deciding, which system could fit your web project so we attempt sorting things out for you.

Therefore, we come up with easier mechanisms that are user friendly and convincing.Similarly,the site we create is controllable by the admin giving access to bring change in content which indeed saves time. Once you’re handed over the website; you don’t have to rely on us for the content update.

Quality Assurance

Depending on your requirements, we assure the quality of the task with various types of testing procedures. We try to minimize every bug that a user can come across while browsing the site. We carry out various cross browser compatibility tests to make sure the output is same throughout the switching. Not only that, we ensure that the project stuns you regardless of the devices you use.

Depending upon the size of the requirement, we carry out varied testing paths that suits best with your timeframe. Hence, making sure we perform customized testing too. For instance, to make sure the task meets the requirement, we do acceptance testing focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. We run security checks to ensure the lessened vulnerability. Similarly, to test the performance of the site under heavy bandwidth consumptions, we perform stress testing, load testing, and performance testing.


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