We have a good expertise on WordPress in the mentioned fields:

  1. i) Html to Theme development
    The theme pages includes:
    – Home template
    – Details Page template
    – General Pages like Search result, and 404 page.
  2. ii) Plugin Development
    For plugin development, we follow the coding standard specially based on WordPress.

iii) Theme and plugin customization
We believe every theme and plugin should be updatable. So, for theme customization we create a child theme in order to add additional functionality. If theme provides hooks, we use them too.
As for plugin, we look for the core working of the plugin and its available hooks and create an add-ons for the customization.

Reference Links

i) http://www.themoviefund.com/

  1. ii) http://israel-ceramics.org/ceramic-artists-association-of-israel/


  1. iv) Site Development (From Scratch)
    It includes site development that starts from template generation through PSD followed by theme development and ends with site development. We are also experienced with multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang, and multisite feature as well.

Rough Estimate: Generally, it takes almost 1 week to complete a minimal site.

Reference Links

i) http://www.yourweddingingreece.com/

  1. ii) http://cloudpeakit.com/projects/denise/

iii) http://2015.richardvanhooijdonk.com/ (WPML Site)

  1. iv) http://www.kisergroup.com/ (WP Mobile Site)


  1. v) Site Development (Using premium theme)

It includes site development which starts from Premium theme installation, followed by customization to satisfy the mockup design, and ends with site finalization.

Rough Estimate: If the site has minor customization, it takes at most 4 days to complete the project.

Reference Links

i) http://www.lelandaisfermetures.com

  1. ii) http://mercantiledrafting.com/

iii) http://42it.ch/


  1. vi) WooCommerce Integration and Customization

As WooCommerce is mostly used plugin for ecommerce, we are experienced with it too. We prefer going through its core than Google to implement the feature as per requirement specification.

Rough Estimate: For general tasks, it takes 1 -2 days to complete the task.

Reference Links

i) http://spryrevolution.thesundaystudio.com/

  1. ii) https://ww2.americansleepunion.com/

Apart from above mentioned expertise, we are familiar with popular plugins like Gravity Form, BuddyPress, BBPress, Paid Membership Pro, Visual Composer, and various add-ons of WooCommerce, etc.